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"P lu s ~ a ~ G r a m" Its whats in the grooves that count!

Sorry it has taken so long for this update but here is the first page containing a look at Dansettes and other record-players I have added to my collection. Following this will be a page dedicated to turntables and one with amplifiers.

I have had lots of emails from people wanting to buy record- players but mine are not for sale. If you have emailed me for other information and have not received a reply then please write again as I had a computer scare and lost all the information on my hard drive I apologize for this and thank you for visting the website.

Amongst the latest finds was this Dansette Regina. Not one of my favourites by any means, but this Dansette had never been played and came complete with all the original instructions including those for the turntable. The outer black vinyl was quite dirty but the inside was immaculate and it sounds good.







This picture is the original box that a Dansette Minor came in. Unfortunately the box was empty!















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