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Our large collection of Sooty and Sweep ( and Soo of course)


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"P lu s ~ a ~ G r a m" Its whats in the grooves that count!

Vortexion Tape Recorder

Vortexion Tape Recorder

HMV Reel to Reel

H.M.V. Reel to Reel


Sanyo Hi Fi Stereo Phonograph with Radio


Sanyo Hi Fi Phonograph

Technics with Transcriptions

Technics turntables with 16 inch Transcription Discs

These are our technics turntables which were once used at the BBC in Broadcasting House London. We came across them by chance a matter of weeks before buying 1500 16 inch transcription records. These huge records were used in the days before the tape recorder and some contain the programmes which were destined for broadcast. There are whole shows, some of which span 4 records. This was easily done as each one despite its size only had 15 minutes of recording time. Every type of music can be found on them, classical, jazz, country and western, dance-time, negro spiritual, piano etc. They are all American recording mostly Standard Programme Library and The Voice of America. They are extremely heavy and must have been taking up too much space when the previous owner decided to part with them, unaware of their value. Here are a few scans of them.


3 Transcription discs

Garrard 301 Transcription Motor.

Luckily we had the 301 prior to buying the transcription records. They are so big it is impossible to play them on an ordinary turntable.


Garrard 301

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