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Our large collection of Sooty and Sweep ( and Soo of course)


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"P lu s ~ a ~ G r a m" Its whats in the grooves that count!

This is without doubt the smallest record-player in our collection! It is the same width as the 7 inch record behind it and 4 inches high. Its a japanese minature "The Musica"With a small door on either side for jewellry and it winds up from underneath to play "Love Story" I have just discovered it is part of the "Cindy" collection

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This is a favourite of Johns, a black and white Trixette which comes with 2 of its own matching speakers.

Heres John playing his Northern Soul- on a Dansette of course!

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This is a red and cream Argosy record player


This small record player is called a Westminster.

Mr Samuel Margolin tells me it was his design made at the time for the customers buying from "Currys"


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Here are some more of the lucky items that spent a day in the garden this summer.

Confirming no doubt the neighbours aroused suspicions that I was completely mad!

Sensing their obvious envy, I decided that I must have had a much more pleasurable day than any of them, mad or not!

As a result I didn't get on with any decorating that day so the Dansettes spent that night under the stars! We decided that for some it was probably their biggest re-union since they came off the production line together in Old Sreet more than 30 years ago!


One more Dansette on this page.Found this one yesterday in the attic It is in need of a good wash at the moment but has potential. Not sure what its called . It has a "HiFi" badge on the front, so maybe thats what its known as. {short description of image}

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