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1st Dansette This is one I bought in the summer from a collectors fair in Newark, along with a full box of 60s sunglasses.






This picture was taken a few months ago when I didn;t know where to put the collection from the living room when the room needed decorating. The rest of the house was full already, so I waited until the weather forecast was good and piled them up in the garden for a few days. {short description of image}

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The difficult part of creating this page was choosing which Dansettes in my collection to photograph and use. The next picture will show you how we manage to overcome the problem of storing them around the house. We use every possible spare corner we have. Recently we even had to block off a door into the lounge to free a corner spot. About half the collection has ended up in the loft. Every now and then we decide to exchange one or two with those on display, and at the same time give them a bit of a clean!

The next pictured Dansette is one of my favorites as it is quite unique. We3 juniors bought it from someone locally. John my boyfriend went to look at it one day when I was at work. He came home with much more than he had bargained for! We were now the proud owners of a red Dansette Major which was still in the original cardboard box from the manufacturers, Margolin at "Plus-a-Gram" house in Old Street, London.! It was in excellent condition and as an extra bonus the guy selling it let John persuade him to part with a red Dansette Junior, the first one we had seen! In the picture the Major is in the middle, with an early "Plus-a-gram" above it and the Dansette Junior on the floor.

junior badge

The Dansette Junior

Another small dansette in the red collection - The Popular.

Dansette popular

dansette with legs

They also came with legs for another 2 guineas!

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