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"P lu s ~ a ~ G r a m" Its whats in the grooves that count!

Here you can price up your first Dansette from the sales brochure. you have the choice of a full range of Record Players, transistor radios, car radios and tape recorders. This late 60s catalogue has a Richmond transistor Radio for less than 8 Gns. Better still, 50 Gns. would make you the proud owner of a Dansette "Musique".It is described as a deluxe radiogram in a teak cabinet with the latest B.S.R. Autochange unit. Surely a must for every music lover in the 60s! Don't be put off if the price seems out of your price range, everyone opted for HP repayments in the 60s!


Front cover

Consort Tape Deck

more from brochure


During the 50s and 60s music magazines such as "Gramaphone" were full of ads for all kinds of products and there was much competition. here are a couple from the 50s advertising the Broadcaster stylus,made by Margolin.

margolin ads



This is one we are saving for emergencies!

When your new Dansette record player is taken out of the box this will greet you on the turntable, with operating instuctions on the back.

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Some more labels which were attached to the well preserved Dansette specimens

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transistor ad The 1961 National Radio Show in Earls court London had some fine exhibits from Dansette on display. They could be found on stall 39. Here is their ad in the show guide.

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