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Our large collection of Sooty and Sweep ( and Soo of course)

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This My Dansette Record Player Collection site owned by            Julie Lambert.
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This mod-sixties site Is owned by

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This The Phonograph Ring site owned by Julie Lambert.
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"P lu s ~ a ~ G r a m" Its whats in the grooves that count!

Portable Battery-Operated Record Players

We have collected several battery operated record players recently and have used them at record fairs and auctions etc to listen to 45s before parting with our cash! We attend many "Northen Soul" venues in the UK and often take one along to weekend events in places like Cleethorpes which hosts an annual gathering of Soul Fans from all over Europe and even further afield.



This Italian-style player is not for your treasured vinyl!When the record has finished it is automatically ejected at 100m.p.h.!




We use this one alot on our travels and has become the envy of many of our friends. It is quite a sought after item and is worth alot more than the £3 we paid for it!


Solid state "Music Maker"

Music maker

Dansette "Transit"

dansette transit

E.A.R. Portable


This is a superb player in a blue checked box.

Alba Radiogram 3100


Philips Stereophnic Electrophone


And for those who always read the literature first you can study the enclosed instuctions opposite!

1960 Philips Stereophonic Electrophone Instructions

Philips instuctions

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