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Our large collection of Sooty and Sweep ( and Soo of course)


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"P lu s ~ a ~ G r a m" Its whats in the grooves that count!

This is a record player made by Stella. Below it you can also see a close-up of the deck.



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This next one I have owned for ages. I do not have a clue where I bought it from. After some time we decided to put a label in everthing we buy with details such as this, its surprising how you forget.


This is a very well known model -The Senator.





A fairly rare model this next one, it is called a "Pilot Encore". I had one ages ago then bought this one a few weeks ago.

Not a favourite of mine by any means, but thought I would throw it in anyway!





This "Plus~a~Gram" is the very latest Dansette in my collection. It only arrived here yesterday. It is in lovely condition with a nice monarch turntable.



...Last but by no means least....

Here are 2 Dansette Bermuda's from our Pink Collection. Both are in outstanding condition, almost as new. Perhaps this is because they probably had female owners! The Dansette Bermuda is by far the model we have the most of in all colours. Personally I prefer the older models but love the colour of these two!


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